Lesson #2: What is FBRI?

Mt. Ararat students presenting School Forest DataBiotechnology and Forest Bioproducts in Maine

What is Maine’s “Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative” (FBRI)?

The Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative (FBRI), a collaboration between the University of Maine and other partners, is the largest research project in Maine’s history.  FBRI addresses the pressing issues of our time: replacements for fossil fuels, renewable energy, green chemicals and creative uses of a sustainable resource--trees. The ultimate goal of FBRI is to build research infrastructure that creates a forest-based biorefinery in Maine, using trees instead of oil to make fuel as well as high-profit margin chemicals, plastics and nanotechnology products.  

How is this relevant to Maine’s middle and high school students?  By becoming aware of significant endeavors in science and technology that are occurring locally, students can begin to think more systemically about the changing economic and societal environment within which they live. Knowing about FBRI can also open up fields of study and career options that have the potential to support students in leading successful and productive lives right here in their own home state.   

Photo: Mt. Ararat students presenting School Forest Data

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